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What we do

Whistledown Studios can offer you what we like to call our "boutique recording experience".

We're ideal for anyone involved in speech audio. If you've got a voice over, interview, ISDN, audio-book, DVD commentary, radio programme or podcast to get through, then we can help.

We'd like to woo you with our comfy sofas, relaxed surroundings, and attention to detail. Then on top of that there's our no hidden extras pricing, and of course, some of the most competitive rates around.

Our studio manager, Charlotte Austin, controls things. Charlotte has several years experience as a studio manager and producer, and has tackled the most devious of audio challenges.

In addition, our team of programme and podcast producers and researchers are on site should you need them for casting, script editing, adaption, studio direction, music or archive research or further technical assistance.

More details of what's in the studio.

Our Green room has been designed for comfort and creativity, with full wireless access, a work area and chill out space.

Our custom-built studio, designed in collaboration with those masters of the art Studio People, boasts excellent acoustics, silent air-conditioning, digital Mixer, SADiE5, Adobe Audition and ISDN. We've an extensive library of Sound Effects and music, mastering and duplication facilities and delivery services, including ftp.

Whistledown Studios is part of Whistledown Productions, BBC Radio's biggest independent contributor. Whistledown Productions is comprised of a team of executive producers, producers and engineers with oodles of experience.

Whistledown Productions is based in the eves of the Whistledown Studios chapel and our team, whilst beavering away on various projects, ranging from long running BBC series like The Reunion and Questions Questions and one off documentary features, are available to lend an experienced hand with any of your production requirements. Find out more about Whistledown Productions at whistledown.net

"A really great space to record in and very handily located" - Alex Jennings, actor.